The hype about the Corona pandemic is a perfect smokescreen for what is soon coming

Quote: “The reason why globalists want a collapse is simple – They need crisis in order to manipulate the masses into accepting total centralization, a global monetary system and global governance.”

quote: Global pandemic, whether a natural event or deliberately engineered, actually serves the purposes of the globalist establishment in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is a superb distraction. The general public, overcome with fears of an invisible force of nature that can possibly kill them at any moment, will probably forget all about the much bigger threat to their life, liberty and future – the subsequent collapse of the massive ‘Everything Bubble’ and the globalist “solution” that a pandemic can trigger.”

this precarious situation is not the product of random chance, simple greed, base human frailty or an “overly complex” system as mainstream experts will predictably claim; it is a deliberately engineered chaos box designed to serve the interests of a select few.

The globalist agenda is complicated in design but simple in its goals:  Order out of chaos.  Create or exploit every crisis to manipulate the public into consenting.  But consent for what?

As Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations under Kennedy and Johnson, and a member of the Trilateral Commission, wrote in the April, 1974 issue of the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs (pg. 558) in an article titled ‘The Hard Road To World Order’:

In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

The fear of coronavirus is the perfect opportunity to focus the eyes and ears of the whole world on one thing and forget everything else. Completely occupied, distressed, fearful, angry and distracted, people all over the world are led to voluntarily override their most fundamental rights like liberty, freedom of expression and lifestyle, freedom of religion and natural rights to pursuit individual forms of happiness. Gradually all that will be phased out and the principles of the totalitarian state will be blended into the democracy in such a way that we no one realize what has happened before it is too late. So clever done that even most of the leading politicians who vote it in are taken by surprise when reality strikes.

Most people believe that this corona-circus is just temporary phenomena and everything soon will cool down again and return normal. But in the coming presentation, I will show you evidence that this is not the case. On the contrary the Corona Pandemic is the beginning of something that will not only create shock waves in all directions of the world but also continue to show up in different forms in the future in conjunction whit other forms of global crisis. The history of this world is about to be moved into a new phase where more severe crisis than ever before in history will emerge and overlap each other and increase in strength and magnitude.

Why do I believe so? I would like to present clear evidence that this idea is not far fetched and build on thin air. I believe that when you have watched my presentations you will see what I mean.

In order to understand why I believe the Corona Pandemy is a WAKE UP CALL and an orchestrated global enemy you first need to have some historical background knowledge.  

But first, here is my thesis statement: There exists an international alliance of very powerful and secretive people who are unknown to most people, but never the less has this alliance influenced, orchestrated and shaped the most important events in modern history. It uses a strategy of creating conflicts which it controls and finances in order to carry out its plans towards a pre-determined goal. And the overall goal is to completely abolish sovereign nations and create a global totalitarian government to control all aspect of human life on earth.  The driving force behind is not financial gain, nor lust for military or political power, but a kind of dark and evil religion which is seldom heard of today but never the less is it the world’s largest religion.

So let’s dive into history to expose this evil system. Let’s look at the historical evidence for this conspiracy and find out what it is soon about to happen and who is behind it. I begin my story in the period called the Cold War and then lead you further back in history to trace the roots of evil.

During the Cold War from 1945-1990, there was a great deal of political change. The Western cultures came under a complete transformation. Old values were discharged and a new lifestyle emerged out of very controlled and managed public relations and mass campaigns. The geopolitical scene was also transformed. Countless democracies in the third world countries were overthrown by the United States under the false pretext that they were ”dangerous communists and enemies of freedom”. Gruesome dictators were installed in place as submissive servants to the dictate of American global policy. Dusins of so-called proxy wars were fought, but not on European or American soil, so in the West we thought tha the world was in a state of peace while millions were killed far away. In the United States the protestant churches were infiltrated with a new gospel which should manipulate the protestant american public to support a transmission from focus on national values to global governance. The idea was cunningly sold as ”building the Kingdom of God on earth”.

Behind behind these measures – and many more – we find tho very, very imporant historical figures whos roles are almost forgotten and written out of mainstream history. Two very, very evil and power-hungry and deeply religious brothes: Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles. Allen Dulles was chief of the CIA at the same time as his brother was secretary of state. But these two brothers were only front figures, representing a deep state conspiracy. But by looking at all the changest hat these to brothers are claimed to have been responisble for (in corporation with a corrupt government) we will discover that the world we have known BEFORE corona was completely formed by the orchrestrated events by this secret allaience

By calling the period ”the Cold War” the historians implicate that this period never flamed up and got hot. War never broke out. But that is a total mis-conception. There was countless wars during the Cold War and millions of people got killed. But it was far from Europe and the United States, så we didn hear, see and experience the brutal violence and deep missery which was pulled down ove the head of many, many counries.

 This change was completely planned and orchastrated but it seemed like it was