Prophecy: The fourth kingdom

Hell is truth seen too late.

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan


Forskellige vigtige pointer som må frem i dette kapitel – ”Prophecy: The fourth kingdom

  • Vise at pavedømmet/den katolske kirke er fortsættelsen af the fourth kingdom i profetierne i form af ”det lille horn”
  • Vise at Romerriget aldrig er ophørt men blot har skiftet form.
  • Introduktion til ny artikel om Roms forms and manifistations: Først pavedømmets udvikling op gennem middelalderen, så dets nye form under modreformationen (jesuiterne), så oprettelsen af USA, så det nye verdensherredømme
  • Vise at det der skete i det romerske imperium både under og efter dets kollaps, med forfølgelse af kristne, økumenisk sammenslåning af religioner etc. er en parallel til hvad der sker i dag som vil ende med forfølgelse og søndagslov. “Religiøs tolerance i Romerrigets tid.
  • Polyteistiske religioner er de samme og derfor ikke et problem for Romerriget. Tjek GOD artikel her om emnet
  • Vise hvordan hedensk religion (polyteisme) gennemstrømmer alle religioner inkl. katolicismen og at det kun er den kristne religion (monoteisme) som adskiller sig (plus jødedom?)
  • The apostecy (Paul: The falling away). See Timeline of the falling away

The fourth kingdom is the Roman empire. But as we saw in the second chapter of the Book of Daniel, the Roman empire was never overthrown by another empire. Unlike the previous three kingdoms, the prophecy tells that the Roman Empire should continue to rule right until the very end of this earth’s history. But – and this is very important to pay attention to – it should conduct its diverse ways under new forms and manifestations from what it presented to the world during its first rule. It had to go undercover to deceive the nations a second time because the world, too well, knew its bloody history.

Before we continue let me make an important point here:

I cannot emphasize enough and bring to your attention that these various forms and manifestationsonly reveal themselves to you if you know WHERE to look and WHAT traces to look after.

In order to know where and what to look for, you have to know both prophecy and history. THEN and first then you will be amazed to see the hidden religious agenda that has been driving this Roman power through all of it’s more or less visible manifestations since its inception in 31AD and to this very day.

If you are not a trained hunter you can walk through a forest and come to the conclusion that there are no animals – except for birds, maybe. But when you learn where and what to look for, you suddenly realize that animals leave traces and that there are clear indications that even big animals have passed by where you walk. It is the thing with the traces left by the continued Roman empire in both its visible and invisible manifestations. It leaves a special kind of trademark, and for the experienced tracker, there hangs a distinct smell in the air where it has set it’s nauseatingly scent marks and secretions.

If you continue your journey here on HISTORIEN OM IGEN, you will become educated in the art of tracking, but not for the purpose of hunting animals for sport. The beast you will find can NEVER be overcome by human power and turned into a stuffed hunting trophy on a wall. You can only come close and examine the immensely cruel traces of blood and deceptions it has left through its long history. You cant contemplate it face to face. You cant stare it directly into its evil eyes because if you become part of it you will be blinded and if you want to hunt it down it is far to clever to meet you face to face. The only thing you can do – if you want to harm it – is to expose it to the world and let people know where to find refuge from its numberless tentacles. I cannot emphasize this enough: This beast is the cruelest and most deceptive, demonic power that has ever existed in the history of this world but yet, it has been able to hide its true nature and its evil deeds behind countless facades and present its visible forms as a glorious, gold decked angel to millions of victimized and misled people. This beast has walked through history from AD 313 and until today. And the Bible has given it these names: The harlot, the little horn, the mystery Babylon. And no, it cannot be compared to any other religion because this beast will, by deception absorb them ALL precisely as it did with the apostate Christianity back in the first century after Christ.

But let us return the seeming contradiction between what modern history tells and what the prophecy foretold about the fate of the Roman Empire. Do contemporary historians teach that we still live under the rule of the Roman Empire? No, not at all! But if you hang fo a while, you will discover that this is exactly what we do.

History teaches that hordes of Germanic tribes from the north of Europe over a long period attacked Rome, and in 476 AD the Western Roman Empire finally collapsed when the Germanic Odovacer removed the last Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustulus, and declared himself King of Italy. But what happened to the Roman state religion – the union between apostate Christianity and the pagan religion which was set up by Constantine the Great in 313 AD? What became of that? Were the priesthood thrown out of Rome and replaced by new religious authorities appointed by the Germanic rulers? No! They were allowed to stay and continue their business as usual. And here prophecy becomes very, very interesting because how did it come to pass that this Roman priesthood residing in a totally amputated and broken empire, under the captivity of a new strong ruler, was able to break the military power of several Germanic kingdoms who were their dreadful enemies – and – as prophecy foretold – resurrect out of the ruins of the Roman Empire and rise to immense power and rule Europe during the Dark Ages with an iron fist for over 1200 years? If we take all the documented historical obstacles into consideration, it was indeed a very unlikely scenario that this could ever come to pass. But it did, and history and prophecy agree here, because after the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476 a new institution in Rome gradually rose from nearly nothing, but still under the Roman title of Pontifex Maximus which means “Bridgebuilder between heaven and Earth.” And it grew to such immense power that every single institution in Europe during the medieval times was in one or the other way formed under its influence. Culture, art, music, poetry, politics, economics…you name it…everything was if not directly under its control it was what we with a modern term would call the primary influencer. It had pervaded society in all its levels. And that power was none other than The Roman Catholic Church also called the Papacy.

And if a man consider the original of this great ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof: for so did the papacy start up on a sudden out of the ruins of that heathen power.”

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (pdf)

And don’t forget that this political priest power was erected as a direct result of the specific union between the pagan sun-worship-religion and the compromise-seeking Christianity which Constantine the Great fused together in the third century AD beginning with the Edict of Milan. And 10 years later this amalgamation was set up as the official state religion in the Roman Empire. This new religion with its priesthood had nothing in common with the primitive and simple Christian religion that Jesus taught his disciples except for rudimentary elements emptied and separated from their original and true meaning. What it had done was to rename pagan gods and goddesses to names with a Christian flavor. All the pagan rituals and symbols and esoteric teachings was kept fully alive but reshaped, renamed and transformed to deceive Christians and satisfy both sun-worshippers and the apostate Christians at the same time. A clever strategic move to bring a divided nation together by unifying the two antagonistic religions and transform them into a well-mixed blend with all sorts of flavors that satisfies all tastes. And remember that Constantine, the pagan sun-worshipper, placed himself as the “Pontifex Maximus”. In other words, he became the Head of the Church, the ruler of all Christianity. But he was never just a little close to becoming a Christian in accordance with the fundamental principles established by Jesus and the twelve apostles. He was a sun-worshipper by heart and a political strategist who exerted himself as a god to be worshipped by all people in the Roman Empire. That is as far from true Christianity as you can get. If Constantine had given his life to Jesus it would have born a fruit in his life that had been visible and recorded somehow in history.

In fact, there is a very interesting example of that in Egyptian history where the Pharao Akhenaten forsook the pagan Egyptian State Cult religion and became a believer in the Judaic religion. During his reign, he had a completely new form of reliefs made which portrayed himself and his wife, Nefertiti, and children in a very controversial way. The usual custom at that time was to portray the Faraos as gigantic godlike rulers with their wives placed as tiny miniatures in front of their feed or on their knees. But Akhenaten did something very remarkable. He had himself portrayed with his wife beside him as an equal, showing them in mutual love for each other together with their children. This was a very clear indication that something fundamentally new and very beautiful had happened to Akhenaten. Read the full story here. But in the case of Constantine, nothing changed!

And if you hang on you will discover that this trick has been played once again in modern time by the Catholic Church. But this time – however strange it may sound – through the secret operations of an organization we would never have associated with this: The CIA.

And here we must make a full stop and remind ourselves that this union between pagan and compromise-seeking Christianity has never gone under other names in the Bible than “the Harlot” or “Mystery Babylon” or “the little horn”. The prophecy these names to that specific religion because it wants to always remind us that it was never the followers of Christ, but an apostate and corrupted form of Christianity that united with Rome and later rose to immense power. It was never, ever true Christianity handed over from Jesus to his Apostles and which they continued to establish in the first Christian churches in Asia Minor. Therefore the Bible gives this Roman religion exclusively the name “harlot” which draws on a reference to a prostitute – one who dresses up and sells herself for money and position as a substitute for real love. It was first when a secular worldview took over in Europa and the United States that this important distinction disappeared out of the history of Christianity. And today all variations of religions that have just a shallow or superficial flavor of Christianity are categorized “CHRISTIANITY”. Therefore there is great confusion today to what constitutes Christianity. So according to the Bible, we can’t just say “same same but just different flavors” about all the different variations of what we today call the Christian-Judaic beliefs. This is also the reason why Jesus has a very direct prophetic inquiry to people who professes themselves to Christianity but don’t live accordingly to the commandments of Jesus

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.’

Mat. 7, 21-23

Here we are given a very clear definition from Jesus on what constitutes a true Christian, and a true follower of Jesus: He or she keeps the commandments of God. And with that in mind, it is fairly easy to find a church that has this fundamental principle built-in to its teachings. I can tell you that today most so-called denominations have turned themselves away from it and have instead adopted the standards of postmodern society with true biblical principles added only as an artificial flavor.

That religion was seated in the middle of Rome. And by the strangest of coincidences, it gradually grew from practically nothing to become exactly the religiopolitical power that prophecy predicted. Modern history has named this gigantic power Roman Catholicism or the Papacy. But the Bible calls it just the fourth beast because basically, it is a just continuation of the same Roman pagan power but in a new Christianized form. And the Bible calls it by its right name: A deceiver.

In the Roman empire there was only one religion that caused a problem. The Jewish religion and Christianity. Both were mono-theistic. All the different variations of pagan poly-theistic religions in the Roman EMpire was essential the same. It was the same gods with different names. And they were all under the same roof in the Roman temple Pantheon.