The History of the Catholic Church


During the medieval times, Europe was ruled by a political and religious authoritarian regime that worked in quite the same lines as we see expressed today in ISIS and other militants, Islamic groups. It was called the Papacy – today called the Catholic Church. It worked by a close corporation with the governmental power structures in Europa. They acted as an extended arm of the church. If anyone stepped beside the given rules of the church then the government, police, and military were them on behalf of the church. The rules were made in such a way that alone a person’s thoughts and ideas about God could be seen as criminal to such an extent that it could cost one’s life. Millions of Christians – men, women, and children – were brutally killed. Not because they were atheists, but because the believed that Jesus Christ as their only Lord they would worship as their Creator and God…not the pope.

Many contemporary historians turn their blind eye to the facts or they downplay the very nature of this dangerous religious institution. Why is it dangerous? This is what the whole project – HISTORIEN OM IGEN – has set out to reveal.

Would you any confidence to the doctrines of national socialism (nazism) or to the doctrines of fascism if they began to re-emerge and come to power again, using the same phrases as they did 50 years ago? Would you be untroubled if communism, as expressed during the Stalinist regime, were emerging again and gaining a foothold in society? The fact that the world thinks the catholic church is harmless is a most alarming situation. It has never changed! It is exactly the same nature with the same aims and goals as in the dark ages.

But I understand why most people cannot see that the Catholic Church is founded on and operates on exactly the same principles, doctrines and philosophies as it did during the times where it bound Europe in an iron grip and slaughtered millions who opposed its doctrines, while at the same time it believed that it served Gods purpose to “build the Kingdom of God on Earth”.

You see, the Catholic Church has absolutely no justification for existing if it is not for fulfilling its very purpose as it believes is given to it by God: To build the KIngdom of God on earth…with the pope as the supreme and global authority.

hide the fact that the medieval Papacy was parallel to the cruelest Islamic regimes we see today. Instead of taking an alarming stand against the contemprary catholic church and its attempts to influence global politics,

Instead, they emphasize that the catholic church did so many things that we today consider to be good. Think about the splendid and magnificent architecture, art, and music, they say? And that is true. Look here for example: The Papacy was definitely interwoven in literally every aspect and every corner of social, religious, political and cultural life in Europe for many centuries. If I should be a little naughty then I could say that they loved to play beautiful, exalted music in gold-decked halls while they tortured people in their dark cellars. And the people the tortured and killed were actually very often Christians, but they would not bow their knees to this religious regime, so they had to suffer death. It was exactly as it Jesus told his disciples: “...a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering service to God. (John 16, 2). But back in those days – what we call the dark ages – there existed no surveillance cameras, no mobile phones to track your position and your interests. There were no weapons of mass destruction like today. You had to find some other means to control people.


Mange gør grin med tanken om at den katolske kirke og jesuiterordenen skulle være farlige for den frie, demokratiske verden. De siger: “Hvordan skulle en gammel, hyggelig mand i hvidt tøj med en hyrdestav være farlig og statsundergravende? Og jesuiterordenen, som en gang var forbudt, den er jo i dag bestående af hyggelige, lærde præster som rejser rundt og gør godt blandt de fattige?”

Men tænk på at den katolske kirkes magt i fortiden og dens ide- og værdigrundlag og metoder og strategier kan sidestilles med de mest totalitære og grusomme magt-konstruktioner, som verden nogensinde har set. Nazismen for eksempel. At negilegere den farer der ligger i den katolske kirkes politiske indflydelse i EU og FN og på USA’s regering, svarer til at negilere hvis den tyske form for nationalsocialisme under verdenskrigen (nazismen) fik et facelift og iklædte sig en blød, sugarcoated retorik men bag retorikken havde samme værdigrundlag som den gang den havde magt. Ville det ikke være foruroligende hvis nationalsocialismen eller den italienske fasisme eller kommunismen fik enormt stor international positionering og en karismatisk leder som talte om verdensfred, kyssede de fattige børn og havde stor positiv bevågenhed i mediernre. Ville man ikke råbe vagt i gevær og sige: Det er kun på overfladen der er sket en forandring i retning mod det stuerene, det er ikke en regulær sindelagsforandring. Det er en politisk strategi, for at vinde indflydelse og gradivist dreje folkeoponionen i en positiv retning og få verdens ledere til at sænke paraderne.

Det er naivt at tro at verdens rigeste og mest indflydelsesrige religion/stat (den katolske kirke) har ændret sig og er blevet forvandlet fra en af verdens mest grusomme magtinstitutioner til en stueren, fredselskende alfaderlig beskytter. Dens sande natur ser vi bare ikke.

En forfatter skriver om denne kirkeform: EGW

In the last two centuries, the Catholic Church has undergone a total transformation. During the middleages, it was a very visible institution. Every individual in Europe was in one or the other way under the influence of this power. It worked out in the open through both of its branches – church and state – combined in one, open institution. But after the reformation, it was not possible to work that way any longer. Why not? During the reformation, it became known for the first time in history to the public that the papacy was clearly exposed in the series of prophecies in the Bible as the foretold Antichrist-power to arise after the fall of the Roman empire and substitute its power. These prophecies had been known for centuries but it was first during the reformation they became widely known. Until that time the papacy could easily suppress this knowledge to be publicly known.

But because of the newly invented printing press (that times parallel to the internet of our time) this revelation of Antichrist was now spread out among the peoples of Europe printed on flyers and pamphlets and made known to a far wider public than ever before. With that identifying Antichrist-mark burned effectively into the Papacy’s official name – the Roman Catholic Church – it became practically impossible for the papacy to continue operating in the open any longer – especially in the protestant nations. Every protestant recognized its features and was on guard to all its moves. People knew exactly how dangerous it was and that it aimed at recapturing its lost areas both religiously and politically and become again a world power with the pope as the king and spiritual leader in a global theocracy.

It’s gold-covered statues and magnificent buildings, its beautiful decors, its theatrical church performances were among protestants not any longer associated with spiritual superiority and a close connection to God but seen as a sign of falseness and pretense.  All its pomp and splendor was compared to a prostitute woman trying to seduce her victim by makeup, perfume, and jeweler.