Jordan Peterson about God

Open letters as comments on Jordan Peterson Youtube videos

One here: “Jordan Peterson on the Belief in God

COMMENT ON VIDEO CLIP: “Look out man, ’cause there are rules & if you break them then God help you.”

There is a BIG problem here: Jordan Peterson is off track! Peterson likes to diminish even the spiritual REALITY of the law of God to symbolic imagery that he can tear apart and then knit it to a psychological context where it never belonged. What he is doing exactly what he is warning us not to do: He is TWISTING REALITY!!

He is not telling us that the law of God – the ten commandments – is the literal binding law for all of mankind and that every human being that has ever existed in history shall one day be judged by that law. Ask Peterson: “Is God and God’s law a reality?” And he will reply: “It all depends what you mean by “god””. And then he continues to sidetrack you in a brilliant way. But the ten commandments ARE very real. And God exists. The Bible reveals WHO he is – both his nature and his character, his plans and his love. But Peterson makes it sooooo complicated and intellectual unreal….twisting reality.

And the reason why the New Testament is an inseparable part of the Old Testament is that Jesus is the FULFILLMENT of the Old, and a FULFILLMENT of the principles of God’s law – the ten commandments. Without Jesus, there is absolutely no Old Testament. Jesus lived the law and gave mankind an example to follow. Jordan Peterson twists the reality of God, of Jesus Christ, and of God’s binding law, and he confuses the Old and New Testament. He is completely dismantling reality and its inseparable connection to Jesus Christ and the law of God. So watch out! Don’t follow Peterson…or you “HAVE TO PAY SOONER OR LATER” Peterson so boldly says.

You should rater track your life back in memory while at the same time asking God: “Help me to see exactly where I have been breaking your law and help me to correct what I can now do to bring my life in accordance with your law and start afresh?” THEN watch out and see what will happen over a period of time!!! God will wake your slumbering conscience, and if you ACT on the things that are brought into your memory, then a COMPLETELY new life will begin and gradually inspire you to develop new motives, change your plans, your relations and transform your life into the likeness of Jesus Christ. That will be the greatest decision you can ever, ever take in your life. And it has eternal consequences!

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