Der er noget som ikke stemmer!

HISTORIEN OM IGEN is dedicated to expose the global conspiracy that I have come to believe exists by many years of studying history. The goal is to show you that we have all been deceived, and give you the tools to research and find the truth. But I will only draw a rough sketch of the big picture. It is a view on history seen from a satelite perspective of the key players behind the great, global conspiracy. I am not going to give you many details. When you first have fathomed the big picture you can continue on your own, zooming in on the picture. But I warn you:

You can fill in as many details as you like to transform the rough sketch to a high resolution, full rendered, extremely detailed 3D image. You can dig from now on and until you die and there will still be many, many aspects that you will never know about.

Our view on history is based on interpretation

What we believe about history is based on what we are educated to believe. History is not just a bunch of none debatably facts. History is an interpretation of facts. Historians interpret how and why things happened as they did. So to know about history is to a great degree about believing one interpretation and not another. You have heard the notion that the history books are alway written by the

The thing is that most often you never ever have access to other versions than the ones authorized by the mainstream educations system. And that version is the one we are bombarded with 24-7 through the mainstream media.

So history is to a degree what you choose to BELIEVE.

So why should you believe “my” version of history? You should believe it if you find that the evidence I present for you is compelling in a powerfully irresistible way. So simple.

Let´s start:

I choose to believe the unofficial

I choose to believe the unofficial story of . I choose to believe that the official narrative is a spin, a propadanda lie made up to decieve the whole world – or I should say the West – because the nations and people around the world who United States have destroyed by the clandestine operations of the CIA are not totally blind. They know the CIA have murdered their people, toppled their democratic governments and installed pro-globalist dicators.

The resason why I believe that the unofficial stories are much closer to the truth and the official narrative is a lie is that there exists a third version of history that in my oppinion settels all disputes. In the last 100 years there has been done a great work to cover up and make students of chritianity and the bible totally ignore all about the prophecies in the Bible. They foretell the story of United States and its slowly and reletively unseen emerging into history in a desolate corner of the world, being af refugee for protestants fleeing from catholic persecution in Europe and ending to be the most cruel, and satanic nation ever on the planet, but deciving the world into believing that it is protector of freedom and democracy. The rising of the United States is foretold in the Bible and it is foretold that it will decieve the whole world and destroy countless nations, brutally kill millions and decieve the nations to agree in installing a global, totalitarian system in order to create and maintain world peace.

The prophecy about th United States is the last one of five superpowers foretold to rise to power. The first in the prophecy was Babylon, the second was medio-persian kingdom, the second was the Greek, the fouth was the Roman Empire. Then the prophecy foretold a transformation of the Roman Empire from pagan rulership into a cruel, fallen version of christianity called Roman Catholicism. The prophecy goes on to foretell a 1260 years period of papal rule in Europe, beginning from 538 bc and ending in the year 1978 (which it did!). In the same period – the prophecy tells – a new superpower should emerge gradually in e remote area of the world. The prophecy tells of a nation with the most human and democratic features unseen in the history of the world. Its political power would rest on lamplike features – peaceful, meek, humanistic. But the prophecy foretells that it gradually should transform into i persecuting global superpower that deceives the nations, by making them believe that all its satanic brutality is only for the prevention of freedom and democracy. Do we recognize the features of United States? The prophecy claims that behind the creation of the United States is the Catholic Church.

This video will walk you through the prophecy that is the final nail of truth that totally and ultimately exposes to the world that the Cold War truely was a planned and controlled conflict created by a globalist powerstructure inside the United States in corporation with likeminded people in Europa.

controls the monetary system

the power if the papacy is broken after the 1260 years

Det er almindeligt accepteret blandt mainstream historikere at CIA opererede som en anti-kommunistisk enhed under den kolde krig. Historien lyder blandt andet, at CIA hemmeligt styrede anti-kommunistiske, militære enheder placeret rundt om i alle europæiske lande under hele den kolde krig. Også i Danmark. Enhederne gik under fællesbetegnelsen Operation Gladio. Disse enheder blev først afsløret og offentlig kendt i 1990.

Det siges også at CIA i samarbejde med Vatikanet om sikre Europa imod kommunistisk magtovertagelse. Det er velkendt indenfor CIAs kerne at den katolske kirke driver verdens største spion-netværk, nemlig Jesuiterordenen. Så her har vi altså verdens to største og mest magtfulde spion-netværk, som under den kolde krig påstås at have samarbejdet om at sikre Europas demokratiske nationer imod en verdensomspændende kommunistisk magtovertagelse. Og her kommer det mærkelige: det er et historisk faktum – bevist til fulde af historikeren Antony Sutton – at det kommunistiske regime i Sovejetunionen blev financieret 90-95% fra vesten – især gennem magtfulde industryfyrster og Wall Strees finansfolk USA. Det kommunistiske Sovjetunionen havde ganske enkelt aldrig blevet til noget uden at det var blevet opbygget helt fra begyndelsen af den russiske revolution i 1917 og frem til 1991. Ingen Sovjetisk atomtrussel uden at vestens teknologi var blevet leveret på et sølvfad. Det var ikke ved reverse engeneering eller ved russiske spioners tyveri af vestlig teknologi og know how ar russerne fik muligheden for at lave atommissiler, men ved vestlige organisationers og virkesomheders villge assistance og financielle støtte. Selv Danmark leverede til kommunisterne i den mest ophedede periode af den kolde krig. B&W leverede dieslmotorer til Sovejtunionen. Uden disse motorer kunne russerne aldrig have etableret sig på Cuba som det påståede mest farlige angrebspunkt mod USA. Og hvorfor fik USA aldrig fjernet Cubas diktator, Fidel Castro? Hvordan var det muligt at denne lille-bitte ø kunne fortsætte med at være det mest brandfarlige trussel imod den vestlige verden? Fordi også her spillede CIA og den katolske kirke sammen. Fidel Castro var uddannet katolsk jesuit. Altså her har vi en påstået kommunistisk diktator som i virkeligheden var katolsk jesuit.

Begynder brikkerne at falde på plads for dig? Begynder det at dæmre for dig at vi er blevet ført totalt bag lyset?

Der er noget som ikke stemmer. CIA kunne med lethed have forhindret denne massive opbygning af det russiske imperium. Hvorfor blev det ikke whistle-blowet til offentligheden at USA opbyggede sin egen fjende?

Mit svar er: CIA er ikke den organsation vi tror den er. Og USAs rolle i de europæiske lande var kun tilsyneladende at sikre Europa imod en russisk/kommunistisk invasion. Dens virkelige rolle var at bringe alle Europæiske nationer ind under en samlet magtorganisationer: EU.

EU er et andet parallelløb mellem den katolske kirke og CIA.

The mainstream story about the Cold War CANT possible be true. It is a fact that the whole of Europe was covered with CIA-personal during the whole of cold war (Operation Gladio). Also the United states were saturated with CIA-personal. If this organisations is what official history claims it to be, then WHY on earth didn’t ring the alarm and told the world that ALL – – i mean litterally ALL – – Sovjet equipment right from diesel motors in the cargo ships, to eletronic equipment in the missiles were ALL coming directly from European countries or from United States. The Cuba crisis were simply not possible if it wasn’t for the fact that the West had created the right conditions for their pretended, alleged enemy.

You may say that the CIA didnt discover what was going on. That is simply impossiple. It would be the same as if a wife cant see her own husbond is an alcoholic even though she finds empty bottles hidden all over the house. But more than that: According to Sutton the American government several times were directly involved by approving the assistance, the loans, the equipment given to the Sovejts to build up their own enemy. This was done even at the same time as the media and the government saturated the people all over the West with information of the Communist threat. Do you really believe that this GIGANTIC interprice from the West to build up this GIGANTIT nation (USSR) could have been done by countless nations oprating in secrecy by selling them ships, diesel motors, trucks, eletronics, pressision machines, know-how, building factories of all sorts in gigantic sizes without the CIA knowing it? They knew! The knew! And one more thing. The CIA had all the access to the media to tell the truth. But this story were kept away from media. Think about it: Not a single story in over 50 years in the media about the gigantic interprice to build up the communist enemy.

The only logic conclusion is this:

The american government, the CIA and many european leaders and companies and people inside the financial sector were consciously in concert creating the communist enemy to the West, and induced a totally false, global geopolitical conflict that they controlled on both sides.

The question is now: Why did they do it? To understand the answer you have to know a little bit of true history and not only the mainstream-propaganda versionb of history which is made up to hide the truth.

The CIA is not an intelligence operation unit. It is a secret force to manipulate and undermine countries all over the world by covert operations. The CIA is not what you have pictured in your mind by Hollywood movies. CIA personal is not men in suits and black sunglaces. They are academics, diplamats, editors. The CIA has its personal all over the world. If they were a spy-organisation for the good of the Western world they would have blown the whistle that countless companies in Europa and United States were deliberately financing and helping to establish the communist regime in Russia.

, because the information here given were EASYLY obtained. It was not a secret. Just a few examples: Not a single ship could have been sent off from USSR harbours to Cuba with missiles without the danish dieselmotor company B&W, because nearly all the diesel motors in sovejt ships were provided by them and the rest were made ONLY by help from western companies. The Sovejt missiles were only possible to produce by western technology. The russians needed machines to produce precision ball bearings.  Without them no missiles could ever never hit a target but would just fly in all directions. The machines to make them were sold by ________ Grinder _____openly aproved by the american government. Sutton raised the question in a public hearing during that time that it was unmoral to do it. But he was silenced.

WHY is the official history of the cold wart totally cleansed for this kind of information? Because the official history is a cover story that has just been repeated over and over again by usefull blinded mainstream academics who refuses to see that the lie is so big that IF they should admit it, their whole carrear as accepted historians would lie in ruins – just like it happend to Antony Sutton.

And this was

En lille sidebemærkning: Hvordan mon noget så enormt omfattende kunne holdes hemmeligt i over 50 år? Jeg stiller spørgsmålet fordi mange mener at det ville have været umuligt at 9/11 var et såkaldt “insider-job”, fordi en eller anden ville have lækket det. Med Gladio taler vi ikke bare om ét lands hemmelige operationer men utallige hemmelige operationer samtidigt i alle europæiske lande på én gang uden at det bliver lækket. Så Gladio er et bevis for at stor-skala hemmelige opeartioner er mulige uden at de bliver lækket. Men tilbage til sagen:

Der er noget som slet ikke stemmer.

Disse skulle kunne

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